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MWM2 is a Dutch research agency located in Amsterdam, specialised in online research and data collection. MWM2 offers research advice, project management support and high-quality proven online research technology, which is designed and developed in-house. MWM2 helps clients to perform their own research or takes all of the cares of performing online research out of the client's hands. MWM2 handles questionnaires that range from extremely simple to extremely extensive and complex, as well as offering clients access to its commercial and consumer panels in the Netherlands and Europe.

MWM2 is a rapidly growing organisation which is gaining a strong foothold in the international research community with projects areas such as pre-testing, concept testing, customer satisfaction studies and brand recognition studies.

MWM2 offers the following services:

Panel research

MWM2 is a reliable partner with extensive experience and expertise in all types of panel research for commercial and consumer target groups. MWM2 panels meet the very highest quality requirements. MWM2 panels are recruited and selected using proven recruiting methodologies and are updated continuously, to ensure the highest response rates possible and the appropriate sample size.

MWM2 matches its panels to the specific research objectives of each assignment and uses intelligent online selection forms to verify important background variables and ensures that the respondents who participate in the research are infact the respondents who should be participating in the research based on the research objectives.

MWM2 uses online stratification guides to build the appropriate respondent group structure and to eliminate the need for weighting once data collection is completed.

Online research and technology

  • Both online research technology for 'DIY' research and execution of the entire project by MWM2
  • Multiple language support (including Dutch, German, English, French, Italian and Spanish)
  • Extensive range of online reporting tools
  • Downloadable research result files (labelled SPSS or Excel files)

Research advice

MWM2's experienced researchers assist clients in setting up and executing research projects and analysing and reporting research results. Our researchers have extensive practical experience in the area of online research.

Private panels

MWM2 is specialised in building private panels consisting of past and present customers

  • Based on MWM2's unique advanced panel technology
  • When desired, MWM2 manages private panels (multiple language)
  • MWM2 offers panel member helpdesk support (multiple language)
  • MWM2 offers clients the advice in areas such as panel design, panel rollout and panel management.



More than 150 leading organisation use the services and technology of MWM2 to obtain insight into the needs of their markets and target groups.

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